Soul II Soul’s Caron Wheeler Supports Omar On The Delightfully Soulful Treat You (Video)

At the height of the “Hip-House” movement, Soul II Soul was seemingly in every Head’s Walkman, car stereo, or home music library. It was Caron Wheeler’s jaw-dropping notes (along with her songwriting) that made that music like “Back To Life” and “Keep On Movin'” time-pieces for an era of club-going, innocence, and most of all, great music.

Caron is back with Omar and Freestyle Records for “Treat You.” Some of those aspects from S.2.S.’s heyday are true of this video single. It feels good, feels innocent, and feels like music that you can easily set a memory to.

Interestingly enough, with acts like The Internet, SZA, and Jhene Aiko particularly popping right now, “dont’cha” kinda think this music is especially relevant, from a fusion pioneer?

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