The Beatnuts & Cypress Hill Link With Psycho Les & B Real’s Attack On Everything (Audio)

Two groundbreaking Latino Hip-Hop crews of the early ’90s were Los Angeles’ Cypress Hill, and Queens, New York’s The Beatnuts. Carrying on tradition, Psycho Les of the ‘Nuts and B Real of Cypress linked for a new collaboration, “Fuck ‘Em If They Listening.” The song basically shows both MCs bragging, stating their place in things, despite being overlooked. It’s ’90s Hip-Hop aesthetic.

Although coming from different coasts and audiences, these acts have gotten closer over the years—although this collabo is anything but predictable. The Beatnuts and Alkaholiks’ LikNuts project is still coming soon. If you heard Vinnie Paz’s “Cheesesteaks” last year, you know that Les’ beats are only getting sharper with age and experience.


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