Young Buck & Game Hit The Studio For The First Time In Almost 10 Years

Wow. In a year that’s seen Snoop Dogg and Suge Knight photographed together, Jay Z and Dame Dash caught in a flick together, it now goes to the G-Unit camp, or former camp, together in the studio. In the falling out of Game from G-Unit in 2005, Buck was one of the most aggressive against his former Compton cohort. When Buck fell on hard times with 50 Cent’s conglomerate, Game was quick to get his laughs in.

Years later, with G-Unit is question (Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks have had subsequent run-ins with their original partner and lead), Buck and Jayceon are back in the lab together. With each other’s support (and former G-Unit President Sha Money XL), these men made some of their best music. The tradition hopefully continues…

What kind of music do you think the Cashville-to-Compton O.G.s are making? Does this continue the G-Unit legacy?

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