Diddy Talks To Arsenio About Catharisis As It Relates To His Father (Video)

Heads probably know that Sean “Diddy” Combs’ father, Melvin Combs was a known ’60s and ’70s hustler and Frank Lucas associate, Uptown. (Diddy would later work extensively on Jay Z’s American Gangster album)

You’ve heard it in raps and in interviews, as Puff has also spoken that he barely got to know his old man before his untimely death—a fatal shooting in Central Park.

Speaking with Arsenio Hall, Diddy shared his few memories of his father, and spoke about the recent day where all the built up emotion flooded to the surface—and his own experience as a father. Hall, who did not know his father, drops some revelations of his own. Powerful conversation that goes well beyond the typical talk-show formulaic conversation.

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