Guess Who’s Coming to The Grammy Awards? Kendrick Lamar Will Take the Stage

For some folks, watching the Grammy Awards in their dens, bedrooms and livingrooms is as close to an actual concert as they get all year. Additionally, the annual Winter performance opens up Heads in all different genres to each other’s breakthrough artists. How many folks first saw Adele through Grammy’s? How many people considered Eminem differently after watching him perform “Stan” with Elton John? For devoted Hip-Hoppers, this our chance to make a statement.

Many audiences may be just getting to know Kendrick Lamar. They’ve heard him on the radio, or know the Lady Gaga or Dr. Dre connections, but aren’t hip to Section.80 or know about all the fictional album drama with Sherane. Well, K.Dot has been announced to be a headlining performer in the upcoming 2014 Grammy Awards. Do you think this can open doors for Compton’s newest international delegate?


What song would you like to see Kendrick perform, and why?

Daft Punk is also performing. The veteran French dup worked extensively with Pharrell Williams (and Chic’s Nile Rodgers) on their Random Access Memories, as well as with Kanye West on Yeezus

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