Madlib Goes Rock & Roll On Hold The Organ (Audio)

When Hip-Hop producers get their Rock on, the response is strong. Whether it’s the early days of Rick Rubin on LPs from LL Cool J, Public Enemy and Run-DMC, or contemporary efforts like Just Blaze’s “PSA” and Kanye West’s “Takeover” for Jay Z, Just’s “Come On, Baby” for Saigon, and a host of others.

Madlib breaks come from many places, but the Oxnard producer/MC/DJ is not known for heavy guitars and organs as much as he is wild percussion rhythms, obscure sounds, and dusty, subdued grooves. The Rock Konducta, the upcoming album from the Lootpack general will change this. If “Hold The Organ” is any indication, this JAMS. Here’s hoping some MCs of note rock on some of these, as we know Kanye, Common, Percee P, Yasiin Bey, and MF DOOM all run in the same loop-digga circles.


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