Wale Addresses His Complex Issues on a New, Emotionally-Charged Song (Audio)

A day after addressing his recent issues (and last week’s threats) with Complex magazine and their “Top 50 Albums Of 2013” with Peter Rosenberg and Ebro at HOT 97, Wale drops his reactions off to Funkmaster Flex, in song. “Walk N’ Live” seemingly speaks to the magazine, referencing “opinions,” “judgement,” and questioning who determines the cool-factor of things. Wale also mentions “computers,” which appears to criticize the magazine staff’s ability to rank or rate what’s good, real, or otherwise.


Do you think that the fact that Wale keeps harping on this issue negates his opinion that the list doesn’t matter? Or is this a 2013 version of the kind of war Eminem and 50 Cent fought with The Source a decade ago, and Jay-Z’s own criticism of magazines using his “ass for ads”?

Needless to say, Wale’s most certainly on one, in terms of gripping the mic and bullying his bars into the sound-system.

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