1994 2Pac Talks Loneliness & Not Wanting Government To Condemn His Music (Video)

1994 was such a pivotal year for 2Pac. The same year Thug Life would release their only album, the rising superstar would go to jail. He would enter a #1 artist, former Digital Underground protege, and a budding actor with on and off the mic versatility. ‘Pac would leave prison a bull in a china shop, recording music at a feverish pace, with a “ride with us or collide with us” mind-frame, on Rap’s biggest record label.

So much ‘Pac content has made documentary films, TV specials, and books. This 1994 L.A. interview with writer Benjamin Svetkey over Chinese food says so much. From ‘Pac’s thoughts on the thin line between life and death (he’d be dead in less than two years) to his lacking sense of home, friendship, and rest to his sense on race and feminism. Oh, and you’ll get a glimpse of the Madonna friendship/relationship.

This video (presented by PBS Digital Studios’ Blank on Blank) and audio induces chills, as 2Pac’s ultimate fate make the rape trial the man was going through so pivotal. For every time you see ‘Pac (and Suge Knight) kicking Orlando Anderson on the floors of the MGM, or the footage of him counting hundreds in the Vegas desert, listen to moments like this. You’ll also understand where and why the rumors emerged of Tha Outlawz smoking 2Pac’s ashes hail from.

Rest In Peace ‘Pac.

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