3rd Bass’ MC Serch Gets An Afternoon TV Talk Show. Wanna Watch The First Episode? (Video)

Queen Latifah is in the talk show realm (in addition to makeup spokeswoman, Jazz vocalist, and blockbuster Hollywood actress). Now, another late ’80s Hip-Hop artist is headed into that realm. Brooklyn, New York’s MC Serch was one-third of Def Jam Records stars 3rd Bass in the late ’80s and early ’90s (and they just started rocking stages together again). Since then, Serch had a major hand in the signings and development of Nas, O.C., and Non-Phixion. He also worked with ego trip on “The White Rapper Show,” and his own morning radio program. Speaking of Non-Phixion, Serch told DJ Eclipse (and Torae) in November about his upcoming CBS-backed show “Serch” (see link below).

Check a four-minute preview reel here, as pointed out by the homies at NahRight.com.

Will you tune-in?

UPDATE: Five days later, MC Serch’s first episode of his one-hour talk show is available. Titled, “Need A Parent, Not A Player,” one could understand how the conscious 3rd Bass MC is a possible fit for daytime TV. Check it out, and see if you can count along at home, at how often Serch-Light says “streets.” Word to the third!

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Michael "Serch" Berrin