Common & No ID Declare War On The Violence Plaguing Chicago’s Streets (Audio)

We learned mere hours ago that Common is planning his fifth album with early producer No ID Nobody Smiling, taking its name from Rakim’s powerful lyrics, the album is an indictment on the street violence epidemic in Chicago, Illinois. Lupe Fiasco, Chief Keef, and a host of other artists have spoken about what’s plaguing teens in Chi-City, but Comm is seemingly making a whole album on it. With Dr. Dre’s The Chronic coming out The L.A. Riots, and Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five’s “The Message” reacting to the impoverished conditions of the Bronx in the early ’80s, could this be the next great zeitgeist Hip-Hop record?

Interpolating Mobb Deep’s classic “Survival Of The Illest,” this dark, film score-inspired track which is actually billed as a Cocaine 80’s cut (Common & No ID’s group) is a pretty good glimpse at why Common’s so upset and concerned about his city.


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