It Was A Good Day Indeed, Ice Cube Finally Got His Name On A Good Year Blimp (Photos)

While you might never see “the Lakers beat the Supersonics” again, there’s still a lot at play in Ice Cube’s “It Was A Good Day” 21 years later. From the trip to Fat Burger, to pick-up basketball, to that triste with the girl he forever lusted for, the DJ Pooh-produced 1993 single has a lot to remember. However, Heads and novice Cube fans alike always seem to love that particular couplet, “Even saw the lights of the Good Year blimp / And it read ‘Ice Cube’s a pimp.'”

The LA Weekly published a piece reporting that comedian Donovan Strain did some poking around: if there was an actual, factual day that prompted to Cube to pen his most-remembered solo hit, it would have been January 20, 1992. That day, “Yo! MTV Raps” aired, the Lakeshow indeed stomped on the Sonics, the air was clear over the City of Angels, and the only missing element was the famous tire company-owned blimp. With this 22nd anniversary yesterday, $25,000 was raised (by some Heads known as “Team Good Day”) from a crowd-sourcing site (thanks in part to a plug from Jimmy Fallon) to get the Carson, California-based blimp to fly over South Central Los Angeles (where the song was set), and put O’Shea Jackson’s stage name on it. The money was given to charity (A Place Called Home), and Cube showed up to actualize his best day, ever.


And in case you wondered, with kids on hand, the blimp made no mention of “pimp,” but still…



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