One Of The Source’s Co-Founders & DJ Mighty Mi Lay Down A 2 Hour Golden Era Mix (Audio)

Back in arguably the greatest year for all things Rap (1988), The Source magazine, the onetime “Bible Of Hip-Hop,” started by Publisher Dave Mays and Jon Shecter at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. With some friends (and allegedly Ray Benzino), the magazine would go on to become thee paper of record in Hip-Hop for many years to come.

Shecter would be The Source’s first Editor-in-Chief, and stayed with his magazine through the early 1990s. Later that decade, after leaving the publication, Shecter founded Game Entertainment, which released early material by Royce Da 5’9, as well as material by Skillz, Kool G Rap, and others. Perhaps more notably, Game released the top-selling Hip-Hop Honeys DVDs that some Heads may remember/still be talking about.

Now based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Shecter (Shecky Green, as he goes by now in his comedy ventures) teamed with Eastern Conference Records founder DJ Mighty Mi (of High & Mighty) to do a dope podcast. Philadelphia’s Mighty Mi produced for Skillz, Copywrite, Cage, and Akinyele, among many others. The pair hit the holidays right, with a two hour golden era mix, featuring some gems, alterations and rarities that go beyond the basic playlist. You’ll see that there are a few movements with themes, whether it’s the first time Heads heard a certain group or artists, as well as Milo’s blends of certain tracks. If that wasn’t enough, there’s an interview with Public Enemy’s Chuck D, one of the most important voices/artists of 1988 (and always!)


Check the tracklist after the set:

1. DOC – Mind Blowin’ (Dr. Dre Remix)
2. Geto Boys – Mr. Scarface
3. Gang Starr – Code Of The Streets acapella
4. Freshco & Miz – Ain’t You Freshco
5. Tribe Called Quest – Excursions Instrumental
6. Dr. Dre & Snoop – Deep Cover acapella
7. Beatnuts – Are You Ready
8. Positive K – Step Up Front
9. Special Ed – Taxing
10. Chill Rob G – Motivation
11. B.I.G – Warning acapella
12. Pass The Plugs – De La Soul
13. Tribe Called Quest – Vibes & Stuff instrumental

Mighty’s Wu Tang vs. Juice Crew Mix

14. The Symphony vs. 36 Chambers Beats
15. Apollo Kids vs. Young Gifted & Black
16. Picking Boogers vs. Incarcerated Scarfaces vs. Fish
17. Cream vs. Ill Street Blues
18. Daytona 500 vs. The Bridge vs. On The Run
19. Aint No Half Steppin’ vs. Ice Cream vs. C.r.e.a.m vs. Tears
20. Droppin’ Science vs. Verbal Intercourse

World Premiers

21. LL Cool J – I Need A Beat
22. NWA – Dope Man
23. Eric B & Rakim – My Melody
24. Jeru the Damaja – Come Clean
25. Jungle Bros – Jim Browski
26. O.C. – Times Up
27. EPMD – You’re A Customer
28. ED O.G – I Gotta Have It
29. Latifah – Wrath Of My Madness
30. De La Soul – Plug Tunin’
31. MC Shan – The Marley Scratch
32. Ultramagnetic – Ego Trippin’
33. Cypress Hill – How I Could Kill A Man
34. B.I.G – Party & Bullshit
35. Main Source – Breaking Atoms
36. Brand Nubian – Feels So Good
37. Kool G Rap – It’s A Demo
38. Public Enemy #1

Shecky’s 1988 Interview with Chuck D

39. What They Hittin’ Foe
40. LL Cool J – Get Down
41. RUN-DMC verse – Krush Groove All-Stars
42. BDP Stop The Violence acapella
43. Scholly D – Parkside 5-2 acapella
44. Eazy E feat MC Ren – Ruthless Villain
45. Sir Ibu – Holy War
46. Slick Rick – The Moment I Feared
47. Public Enemy – Security of the First World
48. Brand Nubian – All For One acapella
49. Diamond D – Yo That’s That $hit
50. Heavy D- You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet
51. Ultramagnetic – Chorus Line
52. EPMD – I’m Mad
53. Steady B – Let The Hustlers Play
54. KMD feat Brand Nubian – Nitty Gritty
55. DOC – The Grand Finale
56. Tribe Called Quest – Youthful Expression instrumental

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