Papoose Gives You The True 2014 Brooklyn Tour Over Roy Ayers Ubiquity (Audio)

Roy Ayers Ubiquity’ “We Live In Brooklyn” is a record that makes you feel the 1970s NYC that wasn’t regularly on TV. When Roy said, “we tryin’ to make it, baby,” you could feel the working class struggle of New York City’s largest borough. It’s little wonder that Mos Def and Smif N’ Wessun come back to this eerie record, which really could be argued as an early Hip-Hop record, although not a Dance track.

Papoose, who has been representing BK for almost 20 years on record takes you on a tour over the instrumental. This is the 2014 Brooklyn… the faces, fashions, and values may be changing, but some things are the “same as it ever was.”


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