Some Classic Marvin Gaye & Some Classic Mos Def Mixed Together Like They’re Soul Mates (Audio)

The quality in mash-up mixes are really improving lately. From Girltalk to DJ Z-Trip to others, the once-gimmicky (to some Heads) practice of intermixing songs from different genres and eras has gotten technically strong, and artful. 2DopeBoyz put the spotlight on this new “Yasiin Gaye” project from Amerigo Gazaway, who two years ago, meshed the Los Angeles vibes of The Pharcyde with the Linden Boulevard styles of A Tribe Called Quest.

“Inner City Travelin’ Man” is an early look from the full February 25th project. This combines Mos Def’s breakout moment alongside DJ Honda (channeling some Peter Paul & Mary for the ’60s Heads) with Marvin’s own hollering about the hustle and bustle of inner city blues.


Some things just blend beautifully…”Soul Mates” indeed.

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