Terror Squad’s Armageddon Is Coming Back Strong, With A Biographical Album (Video)

One of the more under-told stories in Hip-Hop is The Terror Squad. A big part of that is the tragic death of Big Pun, 14 years ago, next month. In Pun’s absence, lineup changes and power-struggles have greatly affected the group which was once revered as a top crew out of New York, both in the streets and the booth. While Fat Joe has gone in his direction, Cuban Link in his, and Remy Ma to prison, members of TS are still doing it, just as well.

Geddy (aka Armageddon) is out to tell the story of his career. Signed alongside Joe, Geddy was a co-producer of the Don Cartegena LP, a game-changer for Joe, as well as Pun. On his upcoming album, you’ll get all the details, and truths behind the movement.

To start, Geddy made a video to “Horrorcore.” While the title may prompt visions of Ganksta Nip or Brotha Lynch Hung, let’s not forget that heavily influenced by the darker side of Kool G Rap, Pun was once Big Moon Dawg in Full-A-Clips, alongside Link and Triple Seis. Horrorcore was a big part of the founding wave of T.S., evident on 1999’s The Album, which featured production from Alchemist, Buckwild, and The Beatnuts’ JuJu, in addition to a heavy hand from Geddy.

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