Anna Gordy, Inspiration To Marvin Gaye’s Here My Dear Has Died. Listen To The Music (Audio)

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There are plenty of timeless, classic, immortal love songs made by Marvin Gaye (quite a few with Tammi Terrell). However, Marvin also penned one of the ultimate break-up albums, late 1978’s Here My Dear (which was recorded years before it released, as it sat on Motown shelves). A couple years back, some critics and Heads compared Nas’ Life Is Good, with Kelis’ wedding dress on the cover, to Marvin’s heartbreak suite.


So who was Marvin all hung up about? Anna Gordy Gaye, eldest sister of Motown Records’ founder Berry Gordy. Anna was a Motown writer and executive since the earliest days, and wife to Marvin from 1962 until their messy break-up in the late ’70s. During an ugly divorce proceedings, wherein Anna sought palimony and money from the international superstar, the singer claimed to have little money, despite his touring and assets, so attorneys agreed on Anna receiving a sizable chunk (a reported 50%) of royalties on Marvin’s next album. Thus, the title, the subject matter, and according to some, a poor-commercial album from the man who dominated the ’60s and ’70s with so many smash hits.

The two never were amicable again. Marvin ended up going from a woman older than he to the teenager, Janis Gaye, who inspired “Let’s Get It On” earlier in the decade. Soon after Here, My Dear, Marvin headed to CBS Records, much to the sadness of the Motown/Tamla family. Tragically, he died just a few years later.

Anna Gordy was 92 years old, and died of natural causes on January 31st.

Having a difficult Monday? Listen to the album that chronicles Marvin’s side of their marriage, and subsequent fall-out:

Is Here My Dear the ultimate break-up album?

Bonus Beat: 2007’s reissue features a disc of remixes by the likes of Prince Paul, Salaam Remi, Easy Mo Bee, and The Randy Watson Experience.

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