Ask Edo G About His Skills, He’ll Tell You Of Course I’m Fresh (Video)

For a guy approaching 25 years in Hip-Hop, Edo G (aka Ed O.G.) has a gift for balancing style and substance. On “Of Course I’m Fresh,” produced by Confidence, you get a veteran who raps about his skills, but mixes in some views on life, labor, and what grown men should be about in 2014. It’s this unique perspective that’s made Ed a go-to MC for guys like DJ Premier, Pete Rock, and Diamond D, in addition to his collaborative work with Masta Ace, and Special Teamz (not to mention two albums with Da Bulldogs).

This is from Edo’s just-released Confidence Presents G. Dot & Born Featuring EDO. G, produced by one-half of the Rashad & Confidence duo.

Gotta love Ed’s vocal delivery and cadence, especially mixed in with a scratched-up Big Daddy Kane chorus…

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