AZ & DJ Doo Wop Make An Homage To The Late ’70s Hip-Hop Park Jams (Audio)

Two New Yorkers who thrived in the 1995-era were AZ and DJ Doo Wop. Tha Visualiza and The Bouncemaster both provided a brand of Hip-Hop, heavy on substance and presentation. Nineteen years later, the pair links for Doo Wop to drop the needle on some breaks from the likes of Jackson 5, Thin Lizzy, and others. AZ bodies the beat-juggles, with some of that imagery that’s made his popularity grow while many of his contemporaries faded away from the conversation.

Initially premiered in March of 2013 in a bit rawer form as “Thank You (Freestyle),” this is throwback Hip-Hop without trying:

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