Capone-N-Noreaga Are Back In Business. They Recorded An EP In One Night

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EPMD loved the break-up to make-up approach. Erick Sermon & Parish Smith made (and make) incredible music together, but the Brentwood, Long Island B-Boys can never seem to sustain as a bond. A walk-through EPMD’s discography shows more grand openings and not-so-grand closings than Flava Flav’s fast-food chicken franchise.

Are Capone-N-Noreaga the new version of that? The pair which had enough trouble making their heralded War Report debut due to incarceration problems from ‘Pone, has had off-again, on-again status since the ’90s. In the 2010s, it’s only happening faster. N.O.R.E. claimed he’d be falling back from Rap just a few short months ago. Estranged from Capone, the pair’s story seemed to end, at least temporarily. Now look.

After an MTV Rap Fix appearance today, it’s revealed that not only is C-N-N back on, they’ve been back in the booth for an EP, reportedly recorded in a one-night studio session. Artists such as 2Pac, Freddie Gibbs, and Saigon have toyed with the one-take status in the booth. But is this good for the Lefrak City duo?

In the vid, N.O.R.E. speaks about how a certain Def Jam artist calling out New York had a role in fueling this (re)formation. As Noreaga made a lot of Southern-tinged tracks and Reggaeton records, how do you feel about this change of heart?

They last released The War Report 2, executive produced and put out by Raekwon, in 2010.

It’s called War In One Night. With Penalty Records back in the game, one can only wonder what their home is…

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