Enjoy Some Killa Cam Antics? Watch Cam’ron Kick A Guy In The Crotch For A Price (Video)

File this along with your Action Bronson stage tossing, bodyslams, and other violent ejections. Cam’ron, who may be Bam Bam’s label-mate in the Warner Bros/Atlantic Records family tree, is usually known to be a cool-tempered dude. While Dipset was not above acting rowdy, Cam’s not the type to be seen engaged in heavy action, at least on film.

This is a different kind of violent act. While perusing the Las Vegas strip with some of his cohorts, Killa Cam encountered somebody in need of cash (or a really fearless street performer) who accepted $20 for being kicked in the…balls, nuts, testes, etc.

Always up for some laughs (remember the “that’s a duck!” skit on Purple Haze?), Killa accepts his offer… and winds up on a field goal type kick that would make Matt Prater proud and cringe at the same time. Remember, before the pink minks with matching Rovers, Killa was a basketball star back when he was running with Big L, Murda Ma$e, Herb McGruff, and Digga.

Between the capes, the new lady friend, and viral videos like this, Cameron Giles is creepin’ on a heavy comeback, even if it’s beginning with his no-f**ks-given character.

What a hard way to earn a twenty…

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