How Deep Did J Dilla’s Crates Go? Deep As The Abyss & House Shoes Reminds You (Audio)

From Daft Punk to Steve Miller Band to Aretha Franklin, J Dilla’s ears were scanning through a lot of music when it came time to craft his own compositions. That’s why, even in his death, Heads are still finding stashes of Dilla’s vinyl collection in storage units, stores, and elsewhere.

House Shoes, one of Dilla’s closest homies in the Detroit era, as well as in the Los Angeles chapter, furthered his installment of King James. Volume 2 unearths some Dilla samples to show just how much of a visionary (and a craftsman with the Akai MPC) James Yancey was.

Enjoy this with the necessary bass adjustments:


Bonus Beat: Part 1

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