Kermit The Frog As Kool G Rap? Watch The Sesame Street Crew Tackle The Juice Crew’s Symphony (Video)

Admit it or not, plenty Heads grew up on Sesame Street. PBS’ afternoon learning and entertainment show raised many of us long before we later recognized Gordon in Willie Dynamite, or laughed at Dave Chappelle’s impersonation of The Count. Well, in the tradition of Bert & Ernie playing Billy Danze and Lil Fame in a rendition of “Ante Up,” a Head out there synced up Marley Marl’s Juice Crew presentation of “The Symphony” with the Sesame Street Gang, as well as a cameo from The Muppets’ front-man Kermit The Frog (as Kool G Rap).

Kermit’s always been a cool guy, but how about this?

The time this must have taken…

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