Rick Ross Performing The Devil Is A Lie With The Roots Is One Of The Hardest Fallon Musical Moments (Video)

When you think about it, “The Devil Is A Lie” is the type of musical presentation and message that would work for either Rick Ross or The Roots. Perhaps at opposite ends of the Def Jam Records roster, The Roots Crew’s albums like Rising Down, How I Got Over, and undun were all spooky, dark, with these centered messages of hope and perseverance. Are all of those elements at play in Rawss and Jay Z’s single? Maybe. But Heads can see the song’s infinite potential when Ross rocks with The Roots on “The Tonight Show.”

One could make a case that Ricky and Illafifth ought to consider touring together, as The Roots’ passion meets Ross’ in the middle, for a performance that feels even better than the studio version.

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