Salute The Original Foxy Brown. Watch Pam Grier’s Full Unsung Episode (Video)

Before she was one of the more active celebrity Twitter accounts, Pam Grier helped define an era of film. In title roles like “Foxy Brown,” “Coffee,” and later, “Jackie Brown,” Pam Grier was a true ass-kicking heroine, fighting systems of oppression based on both race and gender. Through Blaxploitation films, and later, conventional Hollywood roles, Grier became a SAG Award-nominated actress who remains active after 45 years of film and television. From sex symbol to wall-buster, much has been said of Pam’s accomplishments. However, a new episode of TV One’s “Unsung” looks closer at a true pioneer, and timeless icon of cool:

B-movie/Blaxploitation super-producer Roger Corman, Snoop Dogg, and Antonio Fargas are among those who contribute insights.

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