Tommy Hilfiger Gear & Death Row Records’ Reign Covered In Part 3 Of The Tanning Of America (Video)

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Yesterday (February 26), Steve Stoute’s week-long, four-part documentary series, The Tanning Of America, continued on Vh1. Part Three (“Gimme The Loot”), aired. The third installment highlighted commercial Hip-Hop’s plateau in the mid-1990s, including the uber-success of Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Death Row Records (and how New York Hip-Hop reacted). The film also profiled R&B’s returning dominance through groups like TLC and En Vogue. And while Grand Puba and M.O.P. were notably not mentioned, the film looked at Hip-Hop’s impact on fashion and merchandising, through the skyrocketing success of brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Timberland.

Heads that remember the positives of the mid-1990s, do you think that feeling/magic is something the Rap scene can have back? Or do you think we’re already living amidst it?

Check Part Two and Part One, also available for full stream.

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