Want To See The Roots Of Big Pun? Check Out This Slept-On Documentary Featuring DMX & Redman (Video)

Because his time in the spotlight was so brief, there’s often times a lot left out in the representation of Big Pun in the mainstream media. He’s a Bronx, New Yorker, a protege of Fat Joe, who is the first Latin solo Hip-Hop artist to go platinum, and his Capital Punishment debut was Grammy-nominated. In many cases, outside of his lifestyle and tragic death, that’s where it begins and ends.

Back in 2008, Big Pun Legacy was made by Sony Pictures in association with Czar Films. While Loud Records label-mates like Prodigy, Xzibit and Raekwon appear, as do MC contemporaries like DMX, Redman, B-Real, and Swizz Beatz, there are some really important, and seemingly straightforward narratives to the life of Pun we don’t always hear about. You’ll get to understand the Horrorcore influences of Pun, along with Kool G Rap and others in the earliest, pre-Joe days of Terror Squad. While this film seems to have a bit of an agenda surrounding Punisher’s business, legacy, and musical estate, it’s facts and footage of Pun is truly second to none.

For Heads who weren’t immersed in the scene, or familiar with Pun to a deep degree, this is an entertaining watch, and something to really think about over a weekend where we remember his untimely death.

Where were you when you got news of Big Pun’s passing? Me, I was sitting in a parked car reading the liner notes to Saafir’s The Hit List, which I had just purchased, and was listening to the radio. Some things you cannot forget.

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