What Would Michael Jackson Sound Like On A J Dilla Beat? J Rocc Got The Answers (Audio)

Years ago, J Rocc, the third member of JayLib, and Dilla’s label-mate at Stones Throw Records made “Dill Jackson.” The mash-up mixes meshed the worlds of Michael Jackson with Jay Dee. It’s not designed to rock a party, or be cute. Rather, The Beat Junkies member took two artists who he deeply admires (one of whom was a dear friend/collaborator), and brought their worlds together.

Heads forget, but J Dilla/The Ummah did do a minimalistic, Virgin Records-sanctioned remix of Janet Jackson’s “Don’t Know What You’ve Got Til’ It’s Gone.” Joni Mitchell never lied. We all miss Dilla…

Here’s two of J. Rocc’s experiments, featuring “Beat It” and “Another Part Of Me”:



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