Check Out This Mix Of De La Soul Samples That Has Even Maseo’s Head Nodding

The Native Tongues are known for positive messages, social consciousness, sense of humor, and of course, sampling. Whether talking about A Tribe Called Quest, Monie Love, or Jungle Brothers, these acts pulled liberally (and cleverly) from other eras, genres, and movements to make their own. On the sample tip, few can claim more innovation and proliferation than De La Soul. With the producer of their first three albums (Prince Paul), and in the years that followed, De La grabbed source music ranging from Children’s instructional reading records to Bob Marley to Hall & Oates to Thin Lizzy to The JB’s to dialogue from “Kojack” to Malcolm McLaren, and beyond.

Well, DJ Platurn has taken notice. In 2003, the Northern California-based DJ made So This Is De La Heaven? The joint was a cut and paste mix, lasting over an hour, assembling the source music that gave the D.A.I.S.Y. Age its groove. Eleven years later, he’s back. So This Is De La Heaven, Pt. 2 picks up without losing a step, and even the members from De La are giving notice:

“Out of all the De La [Soul] mixes I’ve heard over the years, this is the most creative one. Let me take it back in time a bit and say this is ‘Strickly Dan Stuckie’. Salute, salutary, and salutations!”

The joint is available for stream at MixCrate, and for purchase.


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