Domino Breaks Down Where He Gets His Sounds & His Father’s Punk Roots In Crate Diggers (Video)

Hieroglyphics fans are up on Domino. Not to be confused with the Los Angeles rapper of the same name, San Francisco’s Dom produced early joints for Del Tha Funkee Homosapien (when it was still spelled as such), as well as Souls Of Mischief and Casual.

Dom, who has been a business leader within the Hiero Emporium, has remained active for over 20 years within the co-operative label, group, and touring outfit. In a new episode of FUSE’s Crate Diggers, the fellas link up with Domino, and get some interesting family history as it relates to music, and also get some valuable information on why Dom always tried to find the drama in the records he sampled.

Hiero Heads will appreciate this one.

What’s your favorite Domino beat?

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