Kool Keith Takes Off The Mask & Gets Open In This Stellar Documentary (Video)

Kool Keith is a genius. The Ultramagnetic MC’s front-man elevated the artform of lyricism to the highest level through albums like Ultramagnetic MC’s Critical Beatdown and Wild Pitch Records one-off The Four Horsemen. However, along the way, the artist who regularly rhymed about trips to Bellevue Mental Hospital admitted to actual personality disorders, blurring the lines on fictitious raps and brutally honest reality.

Keith interviews, for those that follow the man with personas like Dr. Octagon, Dr. Dooom [sic], the Analog Brother, and the Diesel Trucker, are just as bugged. It is not uncommon for Keith to admit he boasts a car collection in the hundreds, or go on longwinded tangents about his good looks. All of this is an extension of the persona loved by so many Hip-Hop fans (and casual listeners from other genres) since the mid-’80s.

Well, in the new documentary “Keep It Kool,” Mr. Thornton is surprisingly lucid, open, and honest about his life and times. This 30-minute interview, with some show footage mixed in, captures the amazing story behind one of Hip-Hop’s original weirdos, and arguably, one of its absolute lyrical innovators. Watch [him] now:

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