Nas & Large Professor’s Remix Of It Ain’t Hard To Tell Gets Another Afterlife (Audio)

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For the second time in the 2000s, Columbia/Sony Records is releasing the remix to Nas’ “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” to CD. Many Heads know that Large Professor, who produced the original sophomore single to Nas’ Illmatic debut (released four months prior to the LP), made an alternate version of the song. No Michael Jackson “Human Nature” samples on this one, but in lieu of that, Extra P famously chopped Biz Markie’s “recognize” vocal to just “Nas.” In one of the more interesting technical production feats, the work would re-appear on Nas’ “Nas Is Like” single five years later, produced by Large Professor’s Wild Pitch Records brethren DJ Premier.

This alternate mix was on the 12″ single versions back in ’94. It also made a nice appearance on 2002’s From Illmatic To Stillmatic…The Remixes, and the platinum edition re-release of Illmatic around the same time. But for those who missed it, and Heads who can never get enough Nas and Large Pro, boom:


Illmatic XX, which includes this, comes on Tax Day, April 15th.

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