Nipsey Hussle Takes Cameras On A Tour Through The Crenshaw District (Video)

Crenshaw is Hip-Hop famous. In 1991, the strip became a film location in John Singleton’s Boyz N’ The Hood (the very place where a confrontation starting would ultimately lead to a tragedy later). A year later, a young Kurupt mentioned the intersection of Crenshaw & Slauson on Dr. Dre’s “Stranded On Death Row” (he would later stand on the intersection for his Streetz Iz A Mutha LP cover). These days, it’s Nipsey Hussle, who has brought the retail district known for boutiques, lowrider cruises, and gang activity to the forefront. For $100, Heads were able to experience the ‘Shaw by way of Nips’ tape. However, for added experience, Complex TV hits the pavement with the artist, who breaks down the history of the Crenshaw High School fonts, his hustle, and the spots he frequents:

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