No Malice Puts Clipse Fans’ Hopes To Bed. “Being Very Clear” (Video)

Like all great groups (Outkast, A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan), The Clipse are currently sending some mixed messages in regards to their status. Both Pusha T and No Malice released studio albums in 2013, with very different sounds and messages. Push appeared on Mal’s Hear Ye Him, which went under the sales radar, while Pusha T kicked some “Nosetalgia” on his Kanye West-backed My Name Is My Name.

Through the press runs, Pusha T alluded to a fourth studio Clipse LP, while No Malice pumped his brakes a tad. Even Pharrell and The Neptunes got involved

In South By Southwest this month though, speaking to Christian Hip-Hop flagship Rapzilla, No Malice asserted that he’s in a new place, and keys no longer open doors…and the door to a fourth Clipse LP is locked.

Here’s what the man formerly known as Malice said:

People keep asking me about this Clipse album. I’ve been very clear, I’ve been very consistent from the beginning. I don’t do that music anymore. What I’d like to think is that my audience that grew up with me, are still growing up. I can’t cater to every generation that comes up under… No, I’m somewhere else now. I am not doing another Clipse album. Being very clear.

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