Prodigy Confirms Mobb Deep’s First Ever Full-Out Collaboration With The LOX (Video)

Prodigy sat in on Sway In The Morning this week. Sway, Reef, Heather B, and DJ Wonder played some joints they brought to the table for some listener A&R. To kick things off is the Tragedy Khadafi & JuJu (of The Beatnuts) track (“Thriller”). Those who know their Queens history know that Tragedy was an early pioneer for all the Queensbridge MCs, including P. The pair has history, with The Beatnuts also coming from the Q-U by way of Corona. Prodigy had to sit in, while a majority of callers disapproved of The Intelligent Hoodlum’s latest work. The A&R session progresses, with some JD Era and some fresh LOX, at which time P reveals that all Mobb Deep and all LOX MCs got together for a new song, the first in history. All five artists showed out in the song, done over email, but orchestrated in the flesh.

This is happening around the same time Brooklyn-Queens represents as Mobb and M.O.P. are also working, two surviving acts of the G-Unit Records glory days.

What do you expect for the track? Should P have spoken up on Tragedy’s behalf?

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