The Click’s E-40, B-Legit & The Cutlass Come Together On What We Been Doin (Video)

In the Hip-Hop family tree of relatives, two of the best bloodlined artists are E-40 and B-Legit. The two cousins from Vallejo, California released three albums with The Click (which also included Suga T and D-Shot). Outside of the group, the smooth-talking 40 Water and boisterously aggressive B-Legit made a series of appearances on each other’s albums, as well as other Sick Wid It artists, and 2Pac’s five-times platinum All Eyez On Me.

Almost 15 years removed from the last Click LP, the mighty MCs still have the chemistry. Alongside Ted Digital, the pair rock on “What We Been Doin,” showing that while the numerals and commas in the bank accounts may have changed, this duo is still street-stuck, and bonded like chemicals.

What’s perhaps ever cooler to the Heads is that the Click 1970 Cutlass from the album covers, ads, and early videos leaps out of the garage for a proud, freshly-waxed cameo:

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