Asher Roth Reaches A New Plateau Of Social Commentary In His Career With The World Is Not Enough (Video)

Back in 2008 and 2009, when Asher Roth was hot on the scene, he was being reportedly courted by everybody from Ludacris to Jay Z to the eventual deal he inked with Steve Rifkind’s SRC Records. The Bucks County, Pennsylvania MC was tearing down freestyles, and winning over naysayers who dismissed his “I Love College” single or made assumptions based on Roth’s look or wardrobe.

Over five years later, Asher Roth’s career has taken a different direction. He’s now on Def Jam Records, his hair is grown out, and his music is has dabbled into Psychedelia, Rock, Soul, and other genres. But does he still have (as they used to say) spit? You bet. Moreover, the artist once lampooned for “frat rap,” (a term Roth has adamantly dismissed), is saying some powerful things on his new RetroHash LP. Coming off of a poignant video message in “Fast Life,” Roth discusses socially-constructed walls in “The World Is Not Enough.”

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