Close Out The Nas’ Illmatic Celebrations With DJ Moneyshot’s Amazing Sample-Sourced Mega Mix (Mixtape)

In one week, it’ll be May, and much of the April coverage celebrating the 20th anniversary of one of Hip-Hop’s hallmarks, Nas’ Illmatic, will seem out of vogue, or passé, while other things are highlighted. Before the calendars change, Solid Steel’s DJ Moneyshot, who has previously re-considered and extensively examined classic Hip-Hop through a gestalt lens, turns his tables and sights on the debut from Nasty Nas.

With the chronology of the album queued up, Moneyshot looks at the makings of Nas, and thus, the album that 20 years later, still defines his ear for excellence, and his introspective, street-savvy lyrics.


Tracklist courtesy of ego trip.

Geoffrey Sumner — Train Sequence (DECCA)
Nas — Freestyle on Stretch & Bobbito ’93 mp3
Zorro Dialogue — Wild Style (First Run Features)
Lee Erwin — “Thief of Baghdad” (Angel Records)
Nas Interview mp3
Nas — “Represent” (Columbia)
Whodini — “One Love” (Columbia)
Nas — “One Love (LG Instrumental)” (Columbia)
Nas Interview mp3
The Heath Brothers — “Smilin’ Billy Suite” (Strata-East)
Parliament — “Come in Out of the Rain” (Invictus)
Nas — “One Love (One L Main Mix)” (Columbia)
Nas — “Memory Lane” (Columbia)
Nas – “Memory Lane (DJ Premier Remix)” (Columbia)
Craig G — “Droppin’ Science” (Cold Chillin’)
Lee Dorsey — “Get Out My Life, Woman” (Stateside)
Nas ft. AZ — “Life’s a Bitch (Acapella)” (Columbia)
Nas ft. AZ — “Life’s a Bitch (Arsenal Mix)” (Columbia)
Grover Washington, Jr. — “Black Frost” (Kudu)
Nas ft. AZ — “Life’s a Bitch (Buckwild Remix)” (Columbia)
Nas — “The World Is Yours (Tip Mix Instrumental)” (Columbia)
Nas Interview mp3
Ahmad Jamal — “I Love Music” (Impulse!)
Nas — “The World Is Yours” (Columbia)
Nas — “The World Is Yours (Acapella)” (Columbia)
DJ Moneyshot — Stretch’s Freestyle Beat mp3
Bobbito García On the Phone to M$ mp3
Nas — Freestyle on Stretch & Bobbito ’93 mp3
Nas — “Life is Like A Dice Game” (Unreleased)
Mountain — “Long Red (Live)” (Drums) (Island)
The Gap Band — “Yearning For Your Love” (Mercury)
Stanley Clarke — “Slow Dance” (Epic)
Eric B. & Rakim — “Mahogany” (MCA)
Nas Interview mp3
Joe Chambers — “Mind Rain” (Muse)
Donald Byrd ‎ — “Flight Time” (Loop) (Blue Note)
Kool & The Gang — “N.T” (Drums) (De-Lite Records)
Nas — “N.Y State of Mind” (Columbia)
Main Source ft. Nas — “Live at the Barbecue” (Wild Pitch)
Nas Interview mp3
MC Serch ft. Nas — “Back to the Grill Again” (Def Jam)
T La Rock & Jazzy Jay — “It’s Yours” (Partytime Records)
Nas — “Understanding” (Unreleased)
Biz Markie — “Nobody Beats The Biz” (Cold Chillin’)
Nas — “It Aint Hard To Tell (Large Professor Remix Instrumental)” (Columbia)
Michael Jackson — “Human Nature” (Epic)
Nas — “It Aint Hard To Tell (Acapella)” (Columbia)
Nas — “It Aint Hard To Tell” (Columbia)
Average White Band — “School Boy Crush” (Drums) (Atlantic)
Japanese Hair Cast — ”Dead End” (RCA Victor)
Nas — “Half Time (Butcher Remix)” (Columbia)
Nas — “Half Time” (Columbia)
Gary Byrd — “Soul Travellin’” (RCA Victor)
Nas — “I’m A Villain” (Unreleased)
The Blue Jays — “What Do You Want From Me Woman?” (Map City)
Nas — “Just Another Day In The Projects” (Unreleased)
Nas Interview mp3
Reuben Wilson — “We’re in Love” (Blue Note)
Chris Stein — “Subway Theme” (Animal Records)
Zorro Dialogue — Wild Style (First Run Features)

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