Days After We Lose A Hip-House Pioneer, Vic Mensa Makes A Heartfelt Club Track (Audio)

In the last 48 hours, it was announced that DJ EZ Rock had died. The Harlem native, and musical partner of Rob Base was a prominent, gold-certified part of the late ’80s “Hip-House” movement, whereby the genres of Hip-Hop and House music collided for a series of hit singles, albums, and emerging artists.

Forever associated with House music’s boom in the early 1980s, Chicago has become an epicenter for EDM music of multiple varieties. One of its brightest Hip-Hop acts of the now, Vic Mensa, just unleashed a throwback-sounding Hip-House cut of his own. “Down On My Luck” has all the BPMs you might expect from a Deep House record, with the Save Money MC bridging his hypnotic chorus with some verses that easily appeal to his cemented fan-base.


How do you feel about this change of sound and direction?

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