Ever Heard Roc Marciano’s Early Gems With Pete Rock & Large Professor? Listen To The U.N.’s U.N. Or U Out (Album Stream)

Tomorrow (April 15th), Fat Beats Records is re-releasing The U.N.’s one and only album R U.N. R U Out? Roc Marciano’s early group (with Mike Raw, Dino Brave and Laku) was backed by none other than Carson Daly (hard to imagine, right?), and put in the studio with O.G.’s like Pete Rock and Large Professor.

Sadly, things didn’t work out as planned for the MC also involved at the time in Busta Rhymes’ Flipmode Squad. The album released, but in very limited capacity. Just as Fat Beats re-released Bumpy Knuckles/Freddie Foxxx’s shelved Flavor Unit LP, Crazy Like A Foxxx six years back, they saw a vacancy in the market for Roc’s early work, especially given his acclaim from projects like Reloaded, Marcberg, and last year’s Marci Beaucoup.


Get the early bird listen at Roc’s talent and evolution, and see if The U.N. doesn’t deserve a proper follow-up, Carson or no Carson.

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