Freddie Gibbs Explains Risking It All To Move From Gary, Indiana To Los Angeles (Video)

Freddie Gibbs’ Piñata album with Madlib could seem like a Gary, Indiana artist linking with one of Hip-Hop’s longtime dope producers for an album together. But the facts are, ‘Lib and Gibbs are Southern California neighbors. While Freddie Gibbs has run in some mainstream and Gangsta Rap circles, he’s always had ties to the same movement Madlib is part of (and really helped start back in the Likwit Crew days).

Since the mid-2000s, Gangsta Gibbs has lived in SoCal, where he’s close neighbors with Daz Dillinger and other artists. Similar to Too Short’s move to Atlanta, or Tupac’s own move to Marin County, County, this relocation affected the music. In a new series, “Risking It All,” Freddie explains why he had to move to pursue his dream and preserve his life and career.

What do you think would have happened had Gangsta Gibbs stayed in Gary?

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