“I Think He Planned It”: Get The Inside Scoop On Canibus’ LL Cool J-Inspired Microphone Tattoo (Video)

Canibus has one of the most famous Hip-Hop tattoos. ‘Bis, following an interesting exchange with his Queens idol LL Cool J, decided to copy the Def Jam superstar’s bicep ink: a microphone. Moreover, Canibus got “Rip the Jacker” also inked, a clear diss to the “Jack The Ripper” ’80s mainstay.

To make the story even more complex, ‘Bis was tattooed by none other than Tuki Carter, who is part of Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang. Tuk’ has been inking stars, including Wiz and others, dating back to 1999. Sitting down with Vlad TV, Tuki hints that Canibus got the tattoo, and “5,4,3,2,1” on the knuckles before the song came out. “I think he planned it,” says Carter.

What do you think?

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