Out Of Thin Air, The U.M.C.’s Are Back, And Sound Fresh As Ever (Audio)

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While a lot of the Wild Pitch Records alumni are continuously spreading the message (Large Professor, DJ Premier, O.C., The Coup, Kool Keith, etc.), it’s been a while since The U.M.C.’s were discussed. The duo released hit single “Blue Cheese” back in the early ’90s, over two Wild Pitch LPs, 1991’s Fruits Of Nature, and ’94’s Unleashed. With heavy sampling and a defunct label, both albums are not easy to find on CD/LP, despite some reissues back in ’08. It was around that time that an MC named NYOIL shook things up with the controversial socially-minded Rap single, “Y’all Should All Get Lynched.” Heads in the know saw that it was in fact The UMC member Kool Kim, transformed a la Freddie Foxxx-turned-Bumpy Knuckles, or Zevlove X-turned MF DOOM…NYOIL later did a one-off LP with Babygrande Records.

After a Rap hiatus, NYOIL showed up leading Staten Isle relief efforts after Superstorm Sandy.

Kool Kim and Haas G (as we know them together, anyway), the Shaolin pioneers from before Staten Island was even known as such, are back with a sharp-shooting lyrical performance in “Tried To Tell Ya.”


With The Artifacts, Organized Konfusion, and now The U.M.C.’s seemingly active again, who’s next to reunite like Voltron?

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