Pharoahe Monch Opens Up About His Darker Side On The Combat Jack Show (Audio)

Queens, New York rapper Pharoahe Monch sits down with Combat Jack  and his radio team to discuss a wide variety of topics including his asthma issues, his fascination with “scary, real, horrific,” violence, and the truly personal and introspective direction behind his latest project, P.T.S.D.

Pharoahe has been in the game for 23 years and has spoken to a wide range of fans about a vast number of issues. But this project is different and it distances itself from all of the rest. Here are three topics the album discusses that may make this the most relevant album of 2014, and one that Combat Jack has already dubbed, “album of the year.”

pharoahe monch

1. Anxiety. In this day and age, the stressors that living in the modern world places on everyday individuals is at an all time high. Fears about getting a job, losing your job, the stresses of working double time in a weakened economy, all are causing  people to live in an unstable state. Pharoahe gives a voice to these everyday people, “from bus drivers to lawyers,” and his words can even raise awareness to those who may be unaware of their own mental instability.

2. Depression. Pharoahe really attempts to pull his listeners down with a slow tempo and dramatic instrumentals to capture the nature of true sadness through his own story. Many head into work everyday strictly to feed their families and go home with more stress than the day before. The weight this pressure brings only pushes people further, and when you surround your day around working a 9-5 and caring for a family, it doesn’t leave much room for individuals to deal with their own issues. Couple that with living in a society that attempts to deal with these problems more so with medication than simply talking it through, and you quickly realize subject matter like this is not only relevant, but necessary to get people to start the conversation.

3. Coping. Pharoahe tackles this in many ways, including addressing dealing with lost love like with his track “Broken Again,” Pharoahe’s repetition of the pain motif gives rise to concepts that allow moments for reflection and healing. Pharoahe peers into his own issues that may shine light on problems listeners may have buried deep within themselves. So when you lay back, relax, and listen to P.T.S.D. this weekend, soak it in and allow it to blossom within yourself. Dr. Pharoahe is at your service.


From Combat Jack:

“Pharoahe Monch has been a favorite MC of mine for a long time so it only makes sense that we deliver his best interview in existence. In support of his brilliant album ‘P.T.S.D.’ we had an in studio listening session as Monch gave us his most personal interview to date. Who knew he used to carry them blammers? Who knew he was fed a deadly drug cocktail that took him to the edge of insanity? Who knew he was a heavy DipSet fan? Or liked 2 Chainz? What other MC admits getting murked on his own song? I really enjoyed this session. I hope you do too. Stand the fuck up!”

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