Remember Those Raw Jay Dee Verses? Here’s One You Haven’t Heard On J Dilla’s Give Em What They Want (Audio)

With Slum Village, and on his 2001 solo debut, Welcome 2 Detroit, J Dilla (as Jay Dee) was a cold cat. You can see why Dilla got along so well with Phat Kat and Guilty Simpson when it came to talking about accessorizing his truck, or enjoying carnal pleasures without any desire for companionship (putting it gently). As Dilla’s career progressed, the Detroit, Michigan icon showed growth, and some other sides to his music.

Well, Pay Jay, the label belonging to J Dilla’s family and estate is unearthing some recordings from that cold vocal era. “Give Em What They Want,” is exactly what Dilla would say in dropping off this joint to some of his early fans, especially those who loved James Yancey’s verses. On May 6th, this jam will appear on an EP of the same name, which, according to 2DopeBoyz, will appear on some cool-labeled clear vinyl.


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