Time Travel Back To Rap Radio’s Golden Days In This 1991 Gang Starr Interview & Tim Westwood Mix (Audio)

Take yourself back almost exactly 23 years to the date, to April 19, 1991, when London’s Hip-Hop radio prophet Tim Westwood links up with Gang Starr’s DJ Premier and Guru (plus Caveman) as they take the world by storm promoting the release of their album, Step In The Arena LP.

Selected by The Source as one of the 100 Best Hip Hop Albums back in 1998, the project is widely considered one of the crew’s best, up there with Hard To Earn and Moment Of Truth.

So, dip your ink in nostalgia and write a big thank you to Random Rap Radio and ego trip for this stellar find as you bask in all of it’s old school glory.

Gang Starr on Tim Westwood 91

“There are too many really interesting topics bein’ bandied about to mention ‘em, so just listen up at your leisure. Check out Westwood gettin’ hyped when Primo kicks the knowledge on 10″ car-trunk woofers! Both of them give Tim major propage for stayin’ in his indy lane too. That didn’t happen that often back then.”- Random Rap Radio

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