To All The Strong Freestyles In 2014, Locksmith’s Latest May Take Your Seat (Video)

From E-40 to Tajai to Del to Brotha Lynch Hung, the Bay area has some amazing lyricists in Hip-Hop history. Locksmith hopes to further that trend. Once a protege of Spice 1/Ice Cube producer E-A-Ski, Locksmith has worked extensively with Ski Beatz and others in a cross-coast movement that puts intelligence and heart back in the forefront. Stopping by DJ Kay Slay’s Streetsweepers Radio show, Lock’ is met with a vintage DJ Premier beat, and he kicks one of the absolute freestyles you just may ever hear. Heart, soul, substance, Hip-Hop commentary, and so much intricate wordplay make this one of the best moments of Hip-Hop 2014 has witnessed. Kay Slay, who’s been doing this for well over 30 years smiles along, knowing just how special Locksmith is…

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