“Button Up” For Kevin Gates 2014 XXL Freestyle (Video)

Kevin Gates, creator of the recently released, well-rounded mixtape, By Any Means, steps up to the microphone for his official XXL Freshman Freestyle of 2014.

When asked how it feels to be on the cover of XXL‘s 2014 Freshman Class, the Atlantic/Warner Bros. Records artist responded,

“I always been a fan of XXL. I read all rap magazines. I always knew in my heart one day. The issue they had on all white. It was one of them Freshmen covers where everybody had on white, and I knew, one day. So for me to be recognized by XXL, it’s a dream, an honor. Above all else, it’s a blessing. What doors I think Freshmen 2014 is going to open? I really don’t know or don’t care because I believe whatever meant to be is going to be.”

As for the freestyle itself, Gates’ bellowing vocals explode through your system as the Louisiana native boasts his flashy, street fueled lifestyle through his crisp wordplay and storytelling.

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