D’Angelo Explains Delving Into Funk-Rock, Brotherly Bond With Questlove (Video)

D’Angelo takes the microphone in a much different capacity as the singer-songwriter hits the Red Bull Music Academy in New York for an hour-and-a-half-long talk with journalist/author/filmmaker Nelson George. In front of an energetic audience at the Brooklyn Museum, D’angelo discusses a wide variety of topics including his inspiration from Jimi Hendrix (1:03), his musical transformation into guitar rich “Funk-Rock” (6:00), a hilarious story about his first gig at The Apollo in Harlem as a 16 year-old (27:00), and his brotherly relationship with Questlove (33:40). Quest even gets on stage himself to tell an amazing story about hearing Brown Sugar for the first time after previously being dismissive to D and R&B as a whole. A listen that eventually called for Quest to dub D’Angelo “our savior.”


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