Deltron 3030 Is Always On Some Next Ish, Including A Wheelchair Rocketship (Video)

Approaching 25 years of making albums, Del The Funky Homosapien is constantly evolving down his many corridors of music. The Hieroglyphics’ most recognizable member was always different, even when he was a charting MC on Elektra Records. However, in 2000, teaming with Dan The Automator, who had already made a transformational album with Kool Keith and others under the guise of Dr. Octagon, Del (and wizard turntablist Kid Koala) formed Deltron 3030. The West Coast MC/producer and Canadian DJ showed the emerging Hip-Hop underground how to transcend genre by making highly-experimental, sonically-challenging music that reached audiences who never knew of Bob Dobalina’s ways.

Thirteen years later, Deltron’s spaceship has landed once more. With greater access to videos, Del and Dan convey their deliberate weirdness in new and exciting ways. “Do You Remember” finds a beach-bound Del with some truly bizarre and yet accentuating other elements at play in the video in a storyline too captivating to spoil. Deltron’s inner-galactic circus lives on…

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