Eminem & Spike Lee Tease Us By Flicking The Headlights On (Video)

Spike Lee’s Hip-Hop videography is arguably one of the greatest in the medium. From Public Enemy’s “Fight The Power” to Naughty By Nature’s “Hip-Hop Hooray,” the head of 40 Acres & A Mule Films / A Spike Lee Joint Production Company has made it plain that he loves the culture. In addition to commissioned videos for Def Jam, Epic, Warner Bros., and Tommy Boy Records, and others, the Brooklyn native directed two Crooklyn Dodgers classics, that had film tie ins.

On Mother’s Day (May 11), Eminem will unveil his “Headlights” video, directed by Spike Lee. In a one-minute teaser, the two artists discuss Spike’s return to Rap videos, as he and Marshall Mathers run down some of the previous Joints. What’s especially Spike-like too, is the grainy filter on the film—reminiscent of some of his ’90s feature film gems. Perhaps this is something that will carry into the Marshall Mathers LP 2 single, which is revealed to be shot on location in Em’s actual hometown of Eight Mile, Detroit.

For an artist like Eminem, known for such conversation piece videos, will this be the next great stone in his road of greatness?

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